Buy Buy my darling!

November 26, 2009

Pardon me for grossly warping a Metallica classic, but this is probably what most gunners would want to shout out to Le Boss! We thrash Wolves and the Dutch “Champions” and everything is fine, kids are wonderkids and “lightweights” are whizzing dynamos. Then we have an off day and the black cat Bent makes the most of it and here we are back again singing “buy buy my darling!” (Even the little Russian wants Arsene to buy players, expensive ones at that!).

We thumped the Spurs and there were a gazillion posts lauding Sagna for his crossing abilities, yet last Sunday I read posts condemning his “aimless” crosses into the box! I am not claiming that Sagna is the best darn crosser in the world, all am saying is that our opinions about our bright young stars shouldn’t change so dramatically over a single day that was strangely off. We are the mighty Arsenal not fickle Shity! This young team has a lot more to offer that’ll please our footy taste buds, but patience and faith in the Professor is what we need. We are in the process of building a team after a mass exodus of stars and there are bound to be some hiccups (hic pardon me and my preaching). What we are witnessing right now is a resurrection, something our gunning grandads would love to talk about!

For us gunners witnessing such a team in action what should matter more is the scintillating movement, killer one-tows, cheeky backheels and the fearlessness of the youth. As gunners let us feel fortunate to have been blessed with the Beautiful game. If we have to buy to win would such a win be worth watching? What will happen to all the class AW has carefully nurtured for years? Do trophies and laurels at the cost of our game really matter? Not really! I can hear my fellow British gooners yell “Oi, you lazy blogger what do you know about losing when you watch the game on the Tv sitting on your couch while we scream our butts off at the Emirates only to see the kids lose and kick the title?” Well, I have never set foot into the Emirates and it’ll be a long time before I do so but my week feels as crappy as theirs after a loss!

The point is Arsenal offers us class week in and out that ought to be enjoyed and savored rather than being doom mongers and predict a doom that doesnt even matter! Ever been a neutral and seen the Mancs and Chavs play? Ever heard of the term projectile Vomiting?


Hello world!

November 26, 2009

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